The IIDA Northland Chapter Board is comprised of elected volunteers who serve two-year terms with the responsibility of governing and developing the Northland Chapter to ensure growth and success for its members and the organization.



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IIDA Northland Chapter Board


IIDA Northland Chapter Board 2015-2016


Heidi Costello, IIDA, CID, LEED AP ID+C

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The president will be the principal elected officer of the Chapter and will, in general, direct all of the business and affairs of the Chapter.  The President will appoint members to the nominating committee and will preside at all meetings of the Chapter Board of Directors. The President will be an ex-officio member of all teams except the Nominating team and may sign, with another proper Officer of the Chapter authorized by the Board of Directors, any deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts or other instruments which the Board has authorized to be executed. The President will keep the Chapter Board of Directors informed of any and all initiatives and procedures set forth by Headquarters and the Board of Directors.

The President will serve as the official representative of the Chapter in its contacts with governmental, civic, business and professional organizations for the purpose of advancing the Chapter. In general, the President will perform all duties incident to the office of President and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Chapter Board of Directors from time to time.  These duties will include recommendation and supervision of committees and recommend policies and procedures when necessary.  Upon completion of his/her term, the President will immediately succeed to the office of Immediate Past President.


Immediate Past President

Susan Weyandt, IIDA, CID

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The Immediate Past President will oversee the strategic and long-range planning activities and resource development of the Chapter. The Immediate Past President will also serve as Chapter secretary and record meeting minutes; participate in the nominating committee; and oversee the completion of the Chapter Awards submittal packages.  The Immediate Past President will formulate a plan to keep other Past Presidents active in the Chapter, seek out other members looking to further their involvement at the Chapter Board level, and encourage past Board Members to become involved at the IIDA national level. Duties may include but are not limited to overseeing the Chapter By-Laws, including keeping the by-laws current.


President Elect

Heather Olson, IIDA, LEED AP, CID

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In the absence of the President or in the event of the President's inability or refusal to act, the President-Elect will perform all the duties of the President.  The President-Elect will serve as the treasurer of the Chapter and will oversee in conjunction with the Executive Director all monies, securities and deeds belonging to the Chapter. This individual will arrange for a periodic independent audit of the Chapter's financial affairs.



Vice President of Communications

Erica Adams, Industry IIDA

Vice President of Communications-Elect

Ingrid Youmans, Industry IIDA, CID, LEED AP

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The Vice President of Communications is primarily responsible for public relations and promotion of the Northland chapter and its overarching mission to the IIDA members and the general public. The VP promotes communications through email newsletters, the chapter website, appropriate media channels, and social media.  The VP coordinates marketing efforts with the Northland board, along with IIDA event and program committees. The VP also coordinates entries for Chapter Awards and attends most IIDA Northland events. 

The ideal candidate has an interest in marketing/communications, writing, graphics and social media.  This candidate should have past experience with social media and connections with local media to create potential relationships.

Vice President of Professional Development

Katrina Liesener, CID, LEED AP, IIDA, CHID

Vice President of Professional Development-Elect

Sarah Swanson, Associate IIDA

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About this Position ▼

The Vice President of Professional Development is responsible for developing and sustaining innovative, up-to-date programs that support the professional growth and continuing education of Chapter members. The VP serves as board liaison and provides guidance to several event committees including NCIDQ Roundtable, Vision, and Minnecon CEUs/Keynote Speaker. The VP also acts as board liaison to the Northland Chapter Education Fund (NCEF).

An ideal candidate for this role has a passion for professional growth and continuing education. They should have an understanding of CEU requirements for IIDA members, or a willingness to learn those requirements. They should also be highly organized with excellent attention to detail and an ability to delegate tasks effectively.  A candidate who has previously worked with event committees is preferred but not required.

Vice President of Advocacy

Lindsey Kroen, NCIDQ, IIDA

Vice President of Advocacy Elect

Lynn Skowronski, CID, LEED AP BD+C, IIDA

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About this Position ▼

This position requires the applicant to have passed the NCIDQ and/or been granted the CID appellation.

The Vice President of Advocacy is responsible for the promotion of the profession of commercial interior design, presentation to the board of legislative and regulatory issues, and acting as a lliaison between IIDA-Northland and the state(s) coalition.  The IIDA-Northland Chapter VP of Advocacy works with the IIDA Headquarters Advocacy Staff and International VP of Advocacy, providing information and education to the Chapter Board as required, recommending action on issues, and reviewing by-laws and policies as they relate to Advocacy issues.The VP of Advocacy oversees the activities of the Advocacy Committee and is  responsible for writing and submitting the annual Legislative Grant Application to IIDA Headquarters.  The VP of Advocacy is expected to attend any meetings and events related to the coalition and Advocacy issues.

The ideal candidate is flexible and thrives in a fast-paced environment.  This person should be a passionate advocate for the profession of interior design and will be responsible for educating members on the importance and value of commercial interior design.  

Vice President of Membership

Stephanie Borens, Associate IIDA

Vice President of Membership Elect 

Carissa Pouliot, IIDA

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About this Position ▼

The Vice President of Membership is responsible for member recruitment, retention and managing member benefits and services.  The VP acts as a liaison between IIDA HQ, the local Northland Chapter, and the members.   The VP of Membership coordinates also coordinates chapter volunteers, helping align members with volunteer opportunities.  In addition, the VP oversees community outreach opportunities and partnerships.

The ideal candidate has a genuine passion for IIDA and its member involvement, along with philanthropy and volunteerism. 

Forums Director

Casey Hay, Industry IIDA

Forums Director-Elect

Carissa McNulty, CID, IIDA

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About this Position ▼

The Forums Director is responsible for planning and coordinating each forum, leading a committee who will help develop a diverse array of tours, lectures, and presentations.  The Director acts as a liaison to integrate a variety of affiliated industry professionals into IIDA.

A qualified candidate should be an organized, detail-oriented person with the ability to multi-task and plan unique events simultaneously.  Experience planning events is preferred but not required. 

Student Affairs Director

Brooke Herrick, Associate IIDA

Student Affairs Director Elect

Maren Idso, Associate IIDA

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About this Position ▼

The Student Affairs Director acts as a liaison between the Chapter partner schools and universities within the Northland Chapter.  Campus outreach occurs throughout the year to promote awareness of IIDA and maintain relationships with instructors, professors and students.  This position oversees the Student Affairs committee, which is responsible for planning and coordinating key student programs: INSIGHT mentorship program, PIQUE, and the NEXT competition.

The ideal candidate has a passion for interior design education, an interest in supporting a diverse array of design programs, and feels comfortable with public speaking. Professional or volunteer experience with managing others is preferred but not required.

Sponsorship Director

Amanda Hooper, IIDA

Sponsorship Director Elect

Lindsey Day, Industry IIDA

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About this Position ▼

The Sponsorship Director is responsible for overseeing and directing all partnership and event fundraising activities, helping to secure chapter partners and event sponsors.  The Director works to maintain equity between all partnership levels and event sponsors.   The Director is also responsible for the annual chapter drive and assists all committee chairs in meeting the chapter's sponsorship goals and ensuring that all obligations are met.

A successful candidate should be confident in budget and dollar goal planning, possesses strong oral and written communication skills, and has a willingness to approach vendors and firms to solicit donations. A background in sales is encouraged but not required.

Industry Director

Ciarah Coenen, CID, LEED AP ID+C, IIDA

Industry Director Elect 

Kelli Shea, Associate IIDA,

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About this Position ▼

The Industry Director provides guidance to special event committees, including FAB, Fusion and Minnecon.  The Industry Director is responsible for attending special event meetings to act as a resource to the committee, keeping the board updated on event planning and progress throughout the year.  The Industry Chair works directly with other board segments, such as communications and sponsorship, to ensure its events represent IIDA Northland as a whole.  The VP is responsible for developing a strategic plan to improve events and further reflect long-term goals and missions of IIDA Northland.

The ideal candidate has worked on one of the special event committees and has experience working as a team leader.  A qualified candidate should be highly organized, have excellent interpersonal skills, a flexible schedule. 



IIDA Northland Chapter is managed by IntrinXec Management Inc., based in Minneapolis. IntrinXec provides leadership and support to the chapter through event planning and promotion, board and committee support, database maintenance, member communications and accounting services. In addition, IntrinXec houses the chapter's mail and telephone line and responds to email requests from members.

Director of Member Services

Leah Sweet, MA