Student Advisory Board

IIDA Northland would like to present our 2016-2017 Student Advisory Board members! These students will be highly influential in the future planning of our Student Affairs’ events and programs.

Student Advisory Board 2016-2017 Members:

Jonathan Butler-Knutson, President
University of Minnesota

Rachel Grothe
University of Minnesota

Hannah Segar
University of Minnesota

Priscilla Pastrana
Art Institute

Emily DeVore
University of Minnesota

Caitlin Carter
University of Minnesota

Julia Roath
University of Minnesota

  • Must be an IIDA Student Member
  • Must be able to attend two meetings with our Student Affairs Committee
  • Participate in IIDA Northland student events (eg. INSIGHT, PIQUE, NEXT)
  • Promote IIDA Northland events at your school, and encourage other students at your school to become involved with IIDA Northland

Applicants should have a passion for design and be willing to spread the IIDA Northland message throughout their campus. They must be full of enthusiasm and ideas of how they can get their campus more involved with IIDA Northland.

Students: This is your opportunity to be honest and provide constructive feedback on our events.

  • Get involved with the interior design community
  • Boost professional resume
  • Be showcased on our Student Advisory Board website
  • Learn how to network and gain access to industry design events
  • One-on-one interaction with the designers on the Student Affairs Committee
  • Be the first to know what IIDA is working on, and what student events are coming up!
  • Give your opinion, make a difference, and help shape IIDA Northland student events