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IIDA Northland Chapter recognizes the region's most Fresh, Artistic and Brilliant design work at the annual FAB Awards.



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2016 FAB Award Winner

Excellence in Design Award

MSR Design

Aimia U.S. Headquarters

Relocating Aimia's U.S. headquarters into historic Butler Square offered an opportunity for this brand loyalty services company to redefine its workplace culture. With its new office, Aimia has moved to a mobile working employee strategy. Offering a limited number of dedicated workstations, the office instead features diverse workspaces to accommodate varying work styles and meeting needs.

The new space provides choice and flexibility to allow employees to work in the ways that suit them best. For focused work, employees have access to focus rooms and booths and the library, which is a dedicated quiet zone. Social spaces augment the work areas, including everything from a coffee bar and pantry to a game area and "outdoor" spaces (located in the atrium), such as a porch.

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