FAB Awards

IIDA Northland Chapter recognizes the region's most Fresh, Artistic and Brilliant design work at the annual FAB Awards.



All 2016 FAB Award winners

2016 FAB Award Winner

Grand Award

HGA Architects and Engineers

Surly Destination Brewery

Surly Brewing MSP is designed as a 50,000 GSF destination brewery that combines gardens, beer hall, event center, restaurant, and brewery production. In 2011, the owner spearheaded the effort to change a Prohibition-era statute that barred production breweries from selling their product onsite. That change, known as the "Surly Bill," led to the proliferation of craft breweries and taprooms across the Twin Cities.

The design concept, based on transparency, was developed to put the brewing process on display. Throughout the building and site, strategic connections link people to one another and the brewery. With a carefully choreographed tour route and curated graphics, visitors are immersed in the Surly Destination Brewery Experience—a brand in and of itself.

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