FAB Awards

IIDA Northland Chapter recognizes the region's most Fresh, Artistic and Brilliant design work at the annual FAB Awards.



All 2016 FAB Award winners

2016 FAB Award Winner

Hospitality Award

ESG Architects

Lela Restaurant

The design team was tasked with redesigning the restaurant space when the former Hotel Sofitel was rebranded as a Sheraton under new ownership. Wanting to bring an urban vibe to the suburbs, the design of Lela is modern, sophisticated, and yet strikingly approachable.  The design is centered on two intertwined concepts of romance and seduction in its many forms. Le and La are the basic words that form the romance languages, and this was the inspiration behind the branding. The objective of the design, much like the menu that includes delicate crudo and classic steak, was to subtly play with the balance between feminine and masculine energy. Sensuously curved furniture and light fixture forms are juxtaposed against a sleek interior architecture and a timeless tonal palette.

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