IIDA Northland and the ASID Minnesota Chapter have formed a joint political action committee to oversee the effort to monitor legislation for the industry. The coalition name is the Minnesota Interior Design Legislative Action Committee (MIDLAC)


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Sample Letter

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To:  Representative or Senator, District No.
Subject:  Support of House File 1052/ SF842

Dear _________________,

I am writing to you today, as a constituent in your district.  I support House File 1052/ Senate File 842.  As an Interior Designer that works on multiple types of commercial projects I understand the value of licensed professionals to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of the Public.  Licensed Interior Designers require rigorous education from an accredited program as well as extensive testing on fire and life safety codes, barrier free environments, sustainability practices, etc.  Interior Designers are the only profession in the board of AELSLAGID that is not licensed.   These professionals that are seeking licensure are those design professionals that are practicing in non-exempt spaces such as hospitals, universities, hotels and other large businesses.  This licensure act does not  preclude other small business owners that are not licensed to practice design in exempt spaces such as kitchen and bath designers, and residential spaces and does not encroach on the practice of Architecture or Engineering, rather compliments these professions.  I urge you to consider supporting HF 1052.  It is good for business.

With regards,