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Interior Design Experience Program

What is IDEP?

The Interior Design Experience Program (IDEP) is a monitored, documented experience program administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) for entry-level interior designers.


The career path of a professional interior designer involves formal education, work experience and a qualifying examination. Work experience is required of candidates for the NCIDQ Examination. State licensing boards and provincial associations require proof of high-quality, diversified interior design experience for licensure and/or registration.

IDEP assists entry-level interior designers in obtaining a broad range of quality professional experience. The program provides a structure for the essential transition between formal education and professional practice, recognizing the differences between classroom and workplace.

The purpose of IDEP is to develop competency in interior design practice by:

  • Promoting the acquisition of professional discipline, skills and knowledge.
  • Validating experience through consistent documentation.
  • Providing an instrument for quantifying work experience for licensing and future career opportunities.
  • Developing career networking relationships between entry-level designers, work supervisors and experienced mentors.
  • Preparing participants for the NCIDQ Examination.
  • Enhancing the professionalism of the practice of interior design.

IDEP creates value for participants, employers and mentors by facilitating the development of competent interior designers who can provide exemplary interior design services and work as individuals or members of teams of professionals involved in the design of the built environment.

Why participate in IDEP?

IDEP provides a complete and balanced "curriculum" for the first years of work after graduation. It targets critical experience areas for the professional interior designer in any specialty area. Two or three years of participation is required depending on the length of your design education. IDEP helps prepare you for the NCIDQ Examination and licensure/registration. It builds on your professional network through mentorship and greater workplace participation.